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Our in-house distillery

From premium brandies and spirits to fine liqueurs and fruity gins

Award-winning products

Our premium spirits are among the very best, and received one gold medal and four silver medals at the Bayernbrand 2020 awards. We are incredibly proud of this.

The awards are recognition of our hard work and a valuable seal of quality on which our customers can rely.

To the prize-winning products in our shop...

Fruit brandies

A fruit brandy is a premium-quality product that requires a highly skilled distiller.

The fruits to be used are first sorted by hand and washed. Adding yeast converts the fruit sugar into alcohol.

This mash is then added to a still and distilled to create the finished brandy.

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The term “spirit” may suggest something supernatural, but there is no witchcraft in the way we make them. Unlike a brandy, the fruit used to make a spirit is not fermented, but is rather infused in alcohol.

Once the alcohol has taken on the flavour of the fruits, it is distilled to capture the “spirit” of the fruit. Spirits are made using fruits that have a low sugar content like pears, but can also be made using nuts, roots and herbs.

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Liqueurs and gin

A liqueur is not a purely distilled product, but is based on aromatic spirits enriched with juices to make them sweeter and alter the taste.

The infused ingredients include berries as well as other flavours like herbs or pine cones.

Our liqueurs are made without the use of artificial aromas and flavour enhancers.

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Enjoy our products with all your senses

A good meal deserves a special ending. The brandies and spirits we make at our in-house distillery let you enjoy just this. You can also try our aromatic home-made spirits at our distillery or take them home with you in a special gift package.

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